Friday, August 03, 2012

"Teanaway Valley Ranch" plein air, landscape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Teanaway Valley Ranch" 8x12 oil on panel
Skip to the first painting of the day.  After finding a good location we hopped over some barbed wire fencing and made our way down into this valley. The property was obviously a cattle ranch but there were not any no- trespassing signs posted so we decided to give it a go....nothing ventured, nothing gained!

cattle in the road
Our first clue of trouble should have been the cattle in the road on the way to our location.

Cattle drive

After hiking down into the valley and scouting a good location to set up we noticed a large herd of cattle heading right at us!.."I guess we will find out if it is okay to be down here now"...

"Hey Jim, that's not a cowboy!.....The nice cow GIRL waved good morning to us and thanked us for getting out of the way....(no problem!)....and then went on their way....."Guess it's okay to paint here!"

Jim, Betsy and Pam taking in the amazing view. The Teanaway Valley is full of these beautiful ranches and vistas.
Jim helps Betsy up the trail . She was having trouble with a bum knee and needed a little extra pull..

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Lavon said...

Robin, what fun! and such nice friends to go plein air with! there is so much in your painting. the longer I look at it the more I like it. your distant mountains are especially fine.