Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"Crossing Union" Seattle cityscape oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Crossing Union" 12x8 oil on panel   Sold
I can't believe it has been ten days already since I last posted!..Well, things have been a bit hectic getting ready for the studio tour....Everyone is chipping in to help out as you will see in my little video..

If you are in the area of Kitsap County, Washington State, please come to Knowles Studio and check out the recent artwork of five fabulous artists. Arts in the Woods begins Friday, Nov. 9th at 10:00 am and goes through Sunday, Nov.11th till 5:00pm...Hope to see you there!!


Gloria j Zucaro said...

Robin, stop that person from torturing those dogs! LOL! What breed are they. I love the way you have"grown" since I first started getting your posts about a year ago. Good luck in the show.

Sherry Schmidt said...

Love the contrasts in your piece! And thanks for the doggies.

Lavon said...

nice helpers you got there!

Lavon said...

nice helpers you got there!

Nora MacPhail said...

Haven't been to your blog in awhile. It was wonderful to catch up with all of your lovely plain-air pieces. super.

Robin Weiss said...

Ha! Gloria, they love it!! Thanks for the encouragement!

Thank you sherry!

Lavon..they only help drive me crazy!...=]