Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Wild Pear" still life, oil painting from life by Robin Weiss

"Wild Pear" 8x6 oil on panel  sold

I am noticing my cycles of painting now as the years progress.  Last year I spent quite a bit of time painting small still lifes of the fall fruit .This year I'm squeezing it in between plein air painting trips and studio work. I posted the rose hips a few weeks back and here is a wild pear from one of the trees in the field by the studio. I have clipped a small shelf to the top of my easel and set up the subject right in front of me. I can also change the background color with small squares of mat board in different colors scavenged from our local frame shop.


Sherry Schmidt said...

Oh, that's gorgeous! Just wonderful~

Steve PP said...

Robin, the texture and patterns are vivid and interesting . I love how wild fruit has something about it, maybe it's the scars and marks and build up of colour that has more appeal than the perfect store bought versions. I really love your composition too! The use of the stalk and leaf and the lighter patch of red really balances the whole piece beautifully! Have a great day!

Michael J Etie said...

Love your color palette. There is so much harmony.

Unknown said...

It's been a long time since I've been wowed by a fruit painting. This totally wows me Robin!

Robin Weiss said...

Sherry, thank you!

Thanks Steve! Those marks and scars along with the compliments in color of the scab and pear are what attracted me.

I've added a few extra colors to my palette for this one Mike. A quin red and viridian. Thanks man!

That's a great compliment, thank you Sheila!!