Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Montana Ranch" plein air, oil , landscape painting by Robin Weiss

" Montana Ranch" 6x8 oil on panel
The mountains were almost obscured by the smoke from the wild fires in Washington and Idaho on the second day of the workshop with Cathe Gill and Bob Phinney. We set up not far from the grange on a dirt road, along a irrigation canal that is normally full but was dry on this occasion because of the long rainless summer.....which also contributed to the fires.

Montana Farm

the location offered a great view of the distant farms and ranches in the valley. Bob and Cathe both did demos to get us started and then I spent some time doing value sketches.

From the many scenes available I chose two.

I can't really explain my choices except that when you are trying to capture a view or mood outdoors in changing light conditions sometimes you just have to say "I will paint this!" ,...and get to it!

"Canal Road" 8x8 oil on panel

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Lavon said...

Wonderful how you massaged the images! your colors are much better than the reality! hope you are having fun!