Friday, October 26, 2012

"Alpine Firs" oil landscape painting, from Mount Rainier national park.

"Alpine Firs" 8x12 oil on panel sold
 With the Bitterroot workshop over I high-tailed it back to the studio to get working on studio paintings of Seattle for Alki Arts and the final preparations for Arts in the Woods, coming up fast, November, 9th, 10th and 11th.  If you like this painting  from our trip to Grand Park you can see it at Arts in the Woods 2012 ....and even take it home!

Arts in the Woods 2012

Every year at Arts in the Woods Ann and I spend time in the home studio making cards of  select paintings from the past season. This year there are quite a few Seattle city paintings and some from my plein air travels.  I would like to make these cards available to you all as well!  If there are any paintings that you would like cards of you may buy them in sets of five for $10, or 10 for $20 plus a small shipping charge.  Email me at if you are interested..=]

2013 Calenders

2013 Calenders are also available at Arts in the Woods and for purchase on line....Just let me know!

A rare glimpse into the home studio of artist Robin Weiss by amateur (stress the AMATEUR) videographer,  Robin Weiss.........( Jose Gonzales live at Park Ave. on the CD player).....BTW  I will not be in this studio for Arts in the Woods....I will be at The Knowles Studio with all my buddies....=]   Enjoy!!

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robin peterson said...

Hello Robin, I'm an internet "fan" of your work from DPW and nearly a neighbor, so looking forward to meeting you at the upcoming open studio event.