Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Painting Kootenai Creek" plein air, oil painting, by Robin Weiss

Painting the Kootenai 8x10 oil on panel    SOLD
Third day of the workshop found us gathering at Kootenai Creek.....that's after taking a wrong turn on a dirt road in rural Montana that became increasingly alarming as we encountered more and more road signs threatening bodily harm for trespassing....including one that said "We don't call 911"....

Demo set up on the Kootenai

Bob and Cathe found a cool spot on an overhanging ledge to set up for the demo.

Sketch of the class at the Kootenai

In fact it was such a great scene I attempted to capture it with a sketch...

Bob Phinney painting

I was on a roll so I sketched Bob too!

Rob painting on the Kootenai River, Montana
Overall it was a pretty productive day for me....I completed a painting and did several value sketches that I can use with my photos to do some studio work. The class was over but I decided to stay an extra day and paint the creek again with Darrell Anderson.

To keep things fairly brief and focused I did not go into too much of the rest of this adventure but I did have great times with new friends around dinner and sharing our interests. I want to thank Cathe , Bob and the whole class for being so kind and welcoming to this stranger....

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Lavon said...

How exciting! you do realize you were probably getting way too close to some dangerous people!! at any rate your painting is lovely with all the Autumn colors! looking forward to seeing your pieces you in in the studio from your sketches and photos.