Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Kootenai Cascade" plein air, oil landscape painting, by Robin Weiss

"Kootenai Cascade"  12x8 oil on panel  sold
The last night in Montana I stayed at the Bass Creek camp ground....I was the only one there!  Even the camp ground host never showed up!..The cool thing about Montana is , no fee for camping after the season is over.....Oh , and the gas was a lot cheaper too!...You just have to get used to guns going off all over the place..

Darrell Anderson painting on the Kootenai

I'm not posting my first attempt on the last day....I didn't even finish the painting...Darrell hiked up the river to a much better location. He was almost done when I finally showed up but I decided to try again.The painting above is my second effort.

Darrell's painting buddy, Noel , fell in the river and needed warming up!


Heading home
Montana sunset

I hope to go back to Montana again some day.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to live the artists life and paint Gods beautiful creation!

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