Friday, October 12, 2012

"Stevensville River Park" plein air, oil landscape painting, by Robin Weiss

"Stevensville River Park"  8x10 oil on panel
My friend and fellow plein air painter, Darrell Anderson encouraged me to attend the Catherine Gill and Bob Phinney workshop in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana this fall....which I 'm so glad I did!

I took off on Thursday and spent the night in St Regis. I camped in my van on a forest service road in the mountains that Darrell suggested ...Great spot! ....I parked right under a sign that warned the hunters to identify the type of bear before they shoot!..Made me a little nervous getting up in the middle of the night...

We were to meet at a grange in Stevensville on Friday night. Since there was a little time before the first gathering  I decided to pre-funk the party and do some painting at a little park outside Stevensville on the Bitterroot river.
Tree Reflections at Stevensville River Park

As you can see by these pictures I was pretty jazzed to be in this amazing country with four days to do nothing but paint and be with others who love plein air painting too!

White Tailed Deer

A White Tailed Deer posed for the camera as I was scouting the loop trail for a painting spot.

painting spot

Figuring that we would be painting the river a lot on this trip I set up for a woodsy painting......

Didn't paint the wild turkeys that wandered through this scene...but I may give the deer photo a try...=]

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Lavon said...

I just got to see this lovely! Montana is wonderful. These colors you put in your painting really make me miss it!