Saturday, March 30, 2013

Admiralty Head Lighthouse, Fort Casey, Whidby Island , plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Admiralty Head Lighthouse" 8x12 oil on panel   Sold
I have painted this view of the lighthouse before in watercolor back in 05 I think...But never had the chance with snow on the ground! By the end of the day my face was sunburned from the intense sun reflecting off the snow.

Sometimes it is a challenge to paint complicated architecture on location. For this painting I used a plexiglass sheet to draw the outline of the structure in a grid to give me an idea how the shape would fit within the format of an 8x 12 panel. I didn't trace the outline but just used it like a preliminary drawing. This helps to speed up the layout in fast changing light situations.

It also helps to have friends along to paint with!! Sylvia Carlton set up next to me and it was like having a stand up comedy act right next to you while your working!...=] ..It was also pretty cool to see how our different styles of painting progressed.

Friendly deer kept walking by too....adding to the fun!

Lots of folks turned out for Friday afternoon at the lighthouse. Susan  McManamen found a good side view.

She also graciously allowed me to camp out in the driveway of her familys cabin near Coopville for the night, so I would be able to start early at Ebeys Landing in the morning! And this is a cool little cabin! only 300 sq. feet, nestled in a wooded landscape reminiscent of something out of The Hobbit...All in all a very interesting weekend and this is only Friday!

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Lavon said...

Wow, weren't your feet frozen!? Plein air is amazing!!! love your painting. The prints in the snow catch the eye and make you look to see what they all are. didn't quite understand what you did with the grid thing. I learned a technique of putting grid on the canvas itself from an artist who paints massive paintings.