Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Whidby Island Snowfield" plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Whidby Island Snowfield" 8x12 oil on panel       Sold
After getting my van stuck in the snow upon departing the Keystone ferry on Whidby Island there was not much else to do but paint! A freak snow storm that drew a pencil line around the island and parts of Everett dropped about six inches of snow.

Jane Wallis and Sylvia Carlton painting in the snow

Fortunately there were some other hardy painters who showed up for the first outdoor paint out organized by the Plein Air Washington Painters.

Jane Wallis and Sylvia Carlton decided to use the car as a wind break and happily painted away.

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I wasn't so smart....But loved the view and managed to push the stiff paint into an acceptable painting.

Sure was nice to hit the Keystone Cafe' for a hot cup of coffee!

By the time we finished our paintings the sun came out and melted the snow enough for me to get the van out of the parking lot and head up to the Light House....which had been closed due to the weather!


Darrell Anderson said...

Far more than 'acceptable', Rob. Beautiful texture in the snow and grasses and that little slice of water sets it off. Well done...(and I can see all that from here in Mexico).

Lavon said...

LOL, Darrell says it...yow, frozen paint!!!