Friday, May 17, 2013

"Beacon Rock" State Parks , plein air , oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Beacon Rock" 8x8 oil on panel     Sold

 After my featured artist show closed at The Harbor Steps Gallery in Seattle, I headed out for the scheduled PAWA paint-out in the Columbia River Gorge. Since it was already about 9:00 pm the plan was to get as far as I could and then crash in the van. I made it as far as Battlground by about midnight and pulled into a rest stop for the night. Next morning , a very pleasent and beautiful drive got me to Beacon Rock State park an hour before anyone else arrived!  Of course I set up to do a painting , amazed at the morning light streaming across the river through the trees.
"Morning on the Columbia" 8x12 oil on panel  $375

At Bacon Rock the river sort of splits off the main current and makes a bend around the "Rock" and then re-enters the main river. Beacon Rock is the old core of an ancient volcano. The river has washed away all but the upthrusting lava core. Facing away from the Rock affords this view of the peaceful river winding back into the Gorge bluffs.

Beacon Rock reflection
Susan painting the "Rock"

in progress
 Not to long after I set up folks started arriving and amazed by the beautiful scenery, quickly got started painting!
Paulette's stunning pastel of Beacon rock

Jane Wallis happily painting

Paula Ensigns painting of Beacon Rock

There was plenty of room to set up under the shade of trees to paint when it started getting warmer....and it was warm! We had sunny skies the whole three days.

At the end of the day I was able to take a shower at the state park facility. Refreshed and satisfied with the days work I headed off in search of a place to park the van for the night.  The rest of the party headed for their digs at the White Salmon Inn.


Sherry Schmidt said...

Thanks for the photos! Love that shadow-side blue.

Lavon said...

Robin, lovely and you scored some great weather, too!!!