Thursday, May 30, 2013

"House on the Hill" plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"House on the Hill" 12x9 oil on linen   Sold
So I organized a workshop and went back out to the property to paint. This time I moved to the other side of the house and down the hill a bit to give a high horizon, which I like and use a lot.

Me with Susan Ogilvie and her  painting

About a week later I hosted the workshop with two eager students, Nicole Galinas and Susan Ogilvie, who made my job easy with their great attitudes and smiling faces even though it rained off and on all day! 

See Susan's artist page on Facebook Here

Nicole at work
See Nicoles website Here
Susan and Nicole
Susan and Nicole went to school together at The Northwest College of Art. Susan is a children's book illustrator. Nicole is a graphic designer and she made a little video of me demonstrating my technique for plein air painting. You can see it on Vimeo Here


Lavon said...

oh my gosh, Robin! I love this one!! All the beautiful colors!!! Amazing what you can do in the rain!!!

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Lavon! I'm getting more confident pushing paint around in the rain! Of course living in the Pacific Northwest, I better be!

Lavon said...

LOL, Robin, that is for sure. I am still amazed at your heartiness in facing wet snow last Winter! Though I am kind of tired of the heat here and wishing I was back in cool Washington.