Tuesday, June 04, 2013

"Scotch Broom and Firs" oil landscape painting by Robin Weiss

Scotch Broom and Firs 12x8 oil on panel  Sold
Heading to the freeway entrance one day last week my attention was arrested (as often happens) by this view of the tall fir trees on the hill surrounded by the scotch broom in full bloom. Some folks don't like the scotch broom....I'm not sure what to think about it except that I almost always use it in compositions for color notes and contrast when it is out in the early summer....I have heard that Washington State has given up trying to eliminate it. Apparently it was introduced from Europe in the 1850's for erosion mitigation and quickly dispersed around the country. 


Carol Flatt said...

Stunning composition, Robin. I love the vertical direction emphasized by the firs and panel dimensions. Just amazing!

Lavon said...

Beautiful, Robin! I agree with Carol's comment; also the blue stretch of sky continues the verticality. I also like how the bit of grey cloud on the right echoes the tree shapes. I have always loved the Broom even if it is not native. Same applies for the Russian Olive trees seen everywhere. Very hearty plants.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Carol. I use the 8x12 format quite a bit.

Thanks Lavon! Gotta love the Broom!..=]