Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Conway Lutheran Church" LaConner plein air oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Conway Lutheran Church" 12x12 plein air, oil on panel  $525
I headed back up to LaConner after the group show to connect with Mark Bistranin and to do some painting on my own.  This church in Conway was my first stop. I had been passing it frequently and knew it would make a great painting in the morning light.


  There was a perfect spot for me to pull off the road and set up on the dike for a good view of the church.  In this picture you see my underpainting to sketch in the composition and set value transitions.

Step two

In this pic I am filling in the color. Starting with the darkest values of the roof and shadow areas and along the entire horizon line. Then I come in with the lightest sky values and paint around the darks paying close attention to my edges and keeping the color clean. After that I will move down the painting , modeling the grasses and using the drive into the parking lot as a lead into the painting.


Lavon said...

Love all the color you are using! and thank you for the free lesson!!! please feel free to share anytime! I know, I just love my exclamation marks...sigh....that's just the way I think and talk....8)

Angela Sullivan said...

Very very pretty and just love all that color.

Kikiblanca said...

Your edges are always so straight on your architecture. Very impressive. I have an architectural background so appreciate it. Do you use a straight edge when you paint those roof angles?