Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Cloud Study" plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Cloud Study" 8x8 oil on panel     sold
Alison Barry emailed me and wanted a lesson on painting clouds so we went up to the open fields by the Walmart on the hill. This place is great! When the money meltdown happened all the proposed big box stores pulled out and left some great open fields with views of distant bays and even Mt Rainier!

Alison is getting to be a very good painter! Pretty soon I will be asking her for pointers! You can see her beautiful paintings HERE

The clouds were perfect that day for painting and I think we both got some good practice in.  The day was so nice we walked over to the Frog Pond to do another painting. I'll post that one soon...Alison said "Are there frogs in there?"  "You bet!"  "I'll have to bring my boys here!"  And that brought a smile to my face as I remembered all of my frog hunting days when I was a kid.......


Lavon said...

Hi Robin, What a fine story. My brother and I grew up with a frog pond in the pasture. Of course when we were really little it was the swimming hole. But I remember some nights the frogs were so loud it seemed I could not sleep for all their croaking and creeking.

Maybe next time I visit Seattle area, we could go do some plein air together?

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Lavon! Yes! Love the sound of peepers in the evening!..=]

You bet!