Wednesday, August 07, 2013

"Dosewallips River and The Brothers" landscape , plein air painting by Robin Weiss

Dosewallips River and The Brothers  8x8 oil on panel  sold
The last plein air painting I did at Dosewallips State Park shows the Olympic Mountain Peaks known as The Brothers. A good wrap up to a great weekend!

Skipping a few segments of the video series, (where I work on an 18x18 plein air piece down on the river), I will get to the last one and then post a picture of the final result of the whole process ......A  totally different subject being painted over the work which I was never satisfied with..

I spent three days on location with this painting and then took it back to the studio and worked on it some more...I was never able to bring it to a level I thought was frameable. I waited until it was dry , sanded it lightly and used it for an interesting under-painting for another work...Some of the older painting peaks through and adds some sparkle.

original PA painting
"Yellow House" in progress

I turned it upside down before painting over it so as not to be distracted by the original image.

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MarkBidstrup said...

What a great little painting! Good job!