Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Morning Breaks on Mountain Lake" 8x10 ,plein air , oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Morning Breaks on Mountain Lake" 8x10 oil on panel            Sold
The second day of the San Juan Island painting trip found me back up at Mountain Lake to catch the morning sun.

BTW, this trip was part of a Plein Air Washington Painters collaboration with Crow Valley Pottery to celebrate and support Moran State Park  on Orcas Island . At the end of the week a gallery show was held at Crow Valley and a portion of the sales were donated to the park. The show included studio paintings and the wet plein air work done during the week, of Moran and other state parks.

What I am doing a job for me....and's a lot of hard work!!  But I have to admit,'s the best job I have ever had!!  See attached videos below....=]

And here is the perks of the job!   =]    Cheers till next time!..=]


robin peterson said...

Ha, life is tough for artists....somebody has to do it though, good thing you know how to make the best of a difficult situation!

Emiliya Lane said...

HOW COOOOOL! So jealous, Robin hahahah