Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Night Ferry" marinescape , oil on linen panel by Robin Weiss

"Night Ferry"   14x23 approx   oil on linen panel , framed        Sold
This is one of those paintings that got lost in the shuffle...Here's the story...I painted it awhile back and was never really satisfied but let it go to the gallery anyway because I needed to fill a show..(bad idea, but it happens to all of us)  It sat in the gallery for a month and didn't sell....finally the gallery owner, a sweetie, fessed up that she didn't think the ferry boat was painted with the same quality as the rest of the painting .....So, took er back and repainted the ferry boat .....I think it's better?

Night Ferry  inferior

I got up at 5am this morning to work on organizing my photos so I can design and  order my calendars ....and get Derek some photos to upload to my new website  (Derek the Awsome is doing it for me..=])
I came across this painting and forgot the size , noticed I didn't post it yet (which is how I find sizes when I forget....unless I forget to post.....!!) it is posted!  with an approximate size (the original is at The Bluewater Gallery).....and now you know.....

p.s ..It is now 5pm and I am STILL on this %$#$%^& computer!

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Diana Marshall said...

What a difference, so much more dramatic and beautiful.