Tuesday, May 06, 2014

"Garrapata Rocks" California, coastal, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Garrapata Rocks"  10x12 oil on panel  $450
Needless to say I was blown away by the beauty of the California coast as Ann and I traveled south and the sun came out revealing the crystal turquois water of the pacific ocean near Monterey! We stayed the first night at a motel in Monterey taking some time to drive thru Napa valley and visit galleries in Senoma. After we moved over to The Portola for the Plein Air Convention I quickly ran into a good friend I've known for years on the internet but have not met face to face, Mike Bailey. He is a fantastic watercolorist and we first met, cyberly speaking, when most artists shared their work and conversed on their blogs around 2006. He introduced me to some new friends, Mark Mahaffey and Scott Hamil  and we all packed our pochade boxes and headed for Garrapata State Park. What a blast meeting and spending time painting with these great artists!

Mark Mahaffey painting at Garrapata

Mike Bailey painting at Garrapata

Scott Hamill painting at Rocky Point


Marian Fortunati said...

You guys all look like you're in heaven!!
I agree, it's really hard to beat Garrapata!!! Just absolutely gorgeous!!

I need to get up there again soon.

I live in SoCal... but we have a house up in Bainbridge. If we ever visit (which we almost never do) maybe we can go out and paint!

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Marian! It was a great trip and we had a blast!

Hope we get a chance to paint together!.. Either when you are here or we are there! =]