Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"The Bush Hotel" Seattle cityscape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"The Bush Hotel"  10x10  oil on panel      Sold
I posted this painting on my facebook page and received an enthusiastic response. When I get that kind of buzz about a painting I know it has potential to go larger or be saved for the many juried competitions that are coming up in the summer. That can be hard when many opportunities are open to sell the work.
 For the artist it can really pay off to save your best work for competition. Your return on that kind of delayed sale gratification can be huge in recognition, commissions,award money and the potential to sell the painting.
 So far this spring I have entered the Oil Painters of America national exhibition and had my painting "Under the Fremont Bridge' accepted!  This was a big surprise! I will tell more about this show in my next post.
 I have also saved "The Underground Tourists" for the Edmonds Art Festival juried exhibition. I will find out in May if it is accepted.
 Think twice about selling that winner to the enthusiastic collector while it is still wet on the easel! After all it is your best creative work and should be used to further your career in the best job on the planet!!   Happy painting!


Darrell Anderson said...

Another great one, Rob. I see this and immediately think it's a 20 square, at least. Don't know how you get all that into a 10 sq...and so accurately drawn. We used to find short time living placement for some of 'my' homeless kids at the Bush....it has many stories from its long history. Your painting has appeal on so many levels....and a very good post, btw.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Darrell! I may try a 20x20 with this composition!

Interesting history about the Bush Hotel. You've inspired me to do some research!