Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"Pink Rhodies" Seattle Arboretum, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Pink Rhodies" Seattle Arboretum  6x8 oil on panel   $250

I always keep a few 6x8 panels handy and tucked away in my backpack.  As often happens when I  am at the end of my painting day, hot, tired and cross-eyed from staring into the sun and pretty much burned out...headed back to the van.....I will see some spectacular scene where a shaft of light illuminates an object, (in this case a beautiful clump of blooming rhodies at the Seattle Arboretum in spring)  ...or a stunning sunset.......and be re-invigorated by the beauty....but only have enough time and juice to cough up a 6x8.  Some of these little gems are my best work.....It would be a shame not to be ready for them...

My son Maury has been coming along on many outings to paint with me....He is getting really good and I love spending time with him doing what we both enjoy.  He works for a game design company in Kirkland WA and mostly does digital artwork but also loves to get out and paint from life.  You can check out his website here....don't forget to leave an encouraging comment! 

Maury at the Arboretum

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