Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"The Rhodie Walk" Seattle Arboretum, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"The Rhodie Walk"   Seattle Arboretum,  10x20 oil on panel    SOLD
Available at the Michael Birawer Gallery, Seattle WA  206-624-7773

Earlier this year when the rhododendrons were in full, spectacular bloom The Plein Air Washington Artists met at the Seattle Arboretum.  Maury picked me up at the ferry and we went over to join the gang.  We were glad we went! Wow! What a show!  I set up along the Rhodie path and pulled out this long skinny panel which worked great for composing the scene before me. 

I have been making these long format panels for awhile now. They are the best option for a lot of compositional choices.  I buy a panel at home depot that is used for cheap bathrooms. It is 1/8 inch thick, has melamine on one side and unfinished masonite on the other, 4x8 ft sheet.  I cut it up into the sizes I want and then gesso the unfinished side. I am currently using a Utrecht Gesso which only needs two coats to cover. You may even need to thin it a bit. 

TIP:   Sometimes you can find these masonite sheets in the 70% off pile at Home Depot or find a sheet that has a defect or broken corner and ask them for a discount. Home Depot is really good about giving discounts to clear defective inventory.  If you get lucky that way you can make these panels for next to nothing and have no concerns about "wasting"resources on what may not be the best painting.....seriously, you need to get over that if you worry about it!..  You need to put enough paint on your palette to actually paint with...and stock pile enough panels to get your brush miles in!! ...and never forget to:
Have fun out there!

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Lavon said...

lovely painting, Robin! I always go to the gardens when I am in Seattle; even in Winter. I lived near the U of W for awhile and used to bicycle over there.