Sunday, January 13, 2019

"Sol Duc River Cascade" landscape,oil painting by robin Weiss

"Sol Duc River Cascade"   9x12 oil   SOLD

Grabbed a handful of old photos as I ran out the door to attend the Mitch Baird workshop. This shot of the Sol Duc was one of them. I had been wanting to paint it for awhile so was glad I brought it. The techniques that Mitch was sharing with us really helped me solve some problems of simplifying shapes and harmonizing color. For example he had us try to "posterize shapes at the start of the painting. Basically wash in the big shapes with a relative value color of the shape,whether warm or cool..(You can do more research on this technique online). That was helpful! After I filled in the shapes it was easy to model the subtle value and temperature shifts within the shapes as long as you retain the overall value of the respective shape.

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