Friday, October 09, 2020

"Stottlemyer Road" plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Stottlemyer Road" 12x9 plein air, oil  $600

 2020 has been quite a year of challenges in the US and around the world with a pandemic , social unrest, political upheaval, wild fires and other serious issues to be faced by our leaders and citizens. It seems overwhelming to the average person and many, including myself struggle with how to address and help the situation. There are many ways that people cope with the uncertainty. Some would hide in fear, others lash out in anger. I feel, as an artist, the best way that I can help and also heal is to keep putting beauty out into the world.

Recently I was accepted into and participated in the Oil Painters of America 29th Annual Convention and Wet Painting Competition. This year, due to the pandemic it was all virtual.  The artists in the competition still painted on location wherever they were but the judging and showing of the artwork was all online. It was fun for me because a lot of the pressure involved in flying into another location and all the logistics of that were removed. I ended up doing several paintings on my drive from home to the Knowles Studio were I work. The above painting is the first one I completed. There was heavy smoke in the air due to wildfires hundreds of miles away that gave the atmosphere a hazy look and caused big shapes to be simplified. Something that I usually do by squinting. It made for some interesting atmospheric perspective.

This painting and others are part of an exhibition currently showing at the Poulsbohemian Coffee Shop in downtown Poulsbo. The exhibition is titled "Smoked, Paintings Through the Haze" If you are in town stop by and enjoy a good cup of coffee, the best view in town...and some interesting artwork!

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