Tuesday, March 16, 2021

"Ruthie at the Poulsbohemian" original portrait painting by Robin Weiss

"Ruthie at the Poulsbohemian" 20x16 oil on linen

 I did a series of recent portraits after getting a commission to paint a friends daughter. I needed to get some practice. I took a few photos of friends at the local coffee shop and used the reference for these portraits which I painted on some 16x20 linen panels that were given to me.

Ruthie was a barista at the Poulsbohemian. She is an artist too and could make a coffee so pretty you didn't want to drink it! Recently she took on a full time job doing other things. We will all miss her fun antics and the artistic encouragement we shared. Thanks for all those great cups of coffee Ruthie!

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