Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Bracketts Beach, Edmonds workshop demo by robin weiss

"Bracketts Beach" Edmonds Demo, 9x12 oil on panel
Available through the Cole Gallery  425-697-2787


We could not have picked two better days for the workshop in Edmonds through the Cole Gallery. The weather in April around the PNW can be a bit dicey. Before and after Sat and Sun the weather was cold and rainy but the workshop weather was warm and perfect aside from being a little windy on Saturday.

Above is the demo on the first day at Bracketts Landing Park by the ferry landing in Edmonds. We worked on achieving atmospheric distance by the use of color chroma and working edges along with emphasis on building value structure with the underpainting.  Check my website for upcoming workshops in 2022.

 My hardworking students who never complained about all the exercises I put them through.  

Thanks so much for making this workshop a lot of fun!

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