Monday, April 11, 2022

"Skagit Valley Moonrise" original landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Skagit Valley Moonrise" 11x14 oil on panel  Sold


From a photo I took while driving back from painting the marsh at the end of Rawlins road on Fir Island in Skagit county.  The moon coming up over the distant hills was a show stopper. I pulled over to take a few pics knowing it was too late to set up for another painting that day.  Of course pictures never seem to capture the moment you are in when on location and natural events like this occur. I did my best with the memory and the photo ref I took.

Just another reminder that I have a few workshops coming up in April. The first will be a two day indroduction to plein air painting through the Cole Gallery.  The Cole Gallery has a wondeful lineup of classes with great instuctors. You can find more info HERE.

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