Friday, July 20, 2007


This watercolor of calla lillys was in a group of other WC paintings I did a while back and just didn't post untill.....ta I just wasn't that excited about it.....maybe you will be. If so its 10x10 watercolor on Arches 140 lb hot press, $45.00 unframed.
I reworked this painting by putting the forground in shadow hopefully lessening the confusion of the horizontal bands of light competeing for attention..... I took this suggestion from the girl who works at Kinkos. She was very patient and helped me fix the color printer every time I screwed it up. The color printers at Kinkos are like slot machines that keep eating your dollors. You stick in your credit card and before ya know it you have wasted $15 dollors trying to get one decent print. Of course I could ask for help right away......but nooooo.. like Frank I have to do it MY way. 12x9 oil on masonite, $195.00


Anonymous said...

Robin, this cityscape is really nice! I've always wanted to paint a scene like this. It's a bit intimidating though, there's so much going on.

The subject is so neat and I like your painterly brush strokes.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Silvi!

Seattle has alot of missions and outreach to the homeless. I go to one called " City Team " on the third tuesday of the month. We serve a meal do a service and I join in on guitar for worship.