Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dosewallips River Trip

I think it got up to like 98 on Thursday here in the Pacific Northwest. As soon as we got off work, me and my son Maury skedadled up to the Dose for some trout fishing and cooling off.
Afterwards we set up for a 20 min quickie sketch in oil of the mouth of the Dosewallips river where it dumps into the Hood Canal. It was absolutely glorious on the river! sold
The set up
What we do every year as soon as it warms up is grab the inertubes head for the river, hike up 3 or 4 miles , fish the good trout holes on the way up and then float back. Its a blast!


Anonymous said...

Nice landscape! That water is very convincing, and I like the grasses in the foreground.

Your son looks to be around my son's age. How wonderful that he hikes, fishes and paints with you! When I read this on Sat. nite, my son was in the dining room with seven other boys playing poker (without money) and I wondered to myself, where did I go wrong? At least I know where he is. :^)

Robin Weiss said...

Amen! It's great that they like to come over and hang out!

Maurys a trooper. We have had good times rompin around the mountains.

Thanks for the encouraging comments Silvi! This painting was a challenge after the long day with sand in my shoes and still wet from the river. But what a cap to a great day , to remember it with a decent painting, eh?