Monday, July 23, 2007

Queen Anns Lace

I'm pretty sure this will be my last post untill I get back from Yakima , Aug 3rd. I'll be leaving Sat. for a 7 day camp in the Cascade mountains. This will be my first chance to be a" camp counseler" for a kids camp . The camp is being hosted by Liberty Bay Presbyterian Church and Harah Comunity Church for the kids in Harah and White Swan Washington. White Swan is on the Yakima Indian reservation. I'm excited to be part of a team who will be having a positive influence on these young people.

See ya in a couple weeks :)

10 x 15 , oil on masonite panel.....$250.00 Sold


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! First Mike, now you? Must everyone leave?

This is really beautiful, Robin! Interesting how you pushed the horizon so high up. Very little dark to light ratio. The effect of the wild flowers atop the dry grasses is sensational.

Have a great time with the children's ministry!

Robin Weiss said...

I'll be going through blog withdrawl....really it will be good to focus completely on something other than the craft for a couple weeks. I think that helps sometimes.

Say Silvi, Your workshops are paying off!.. Not that you wer'nt a fine artist before but your figure is really good. The flesh tones are very warm and convincing and the drafting is good.

Thanks for your faithful commenting. See ya when I get back.

Mike said...

Hey Robin . . .you are back from Yakima now . . .I just now saw this piece while catching up from my haitus. I was painting Queen Ann's Lace last week!! It has such mysterious dimension! This piece really is a winner, Robin! Nice to see!


les lull said...

Nice piece Robin. Great edges.