Monday, August 06, 2007

Back to the Studio/ Camp High Rock

I set up a still life for today's painting. It was hard changing gears after focusing in a completely different direction for a week. All in all it was a pretty good effort and I think I'm ready to get back into my painting routine.
Feels good to be back in the studio. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Leigh playing her mountain dulcimer. She was playing and singing while I worked on my painting. A perfect day!
This is boys cabin 2, Me and my posse from Camp High Rock. We had a great time camping in the Cascade mountains. We played games, swam in Rim Rock lake, did craft projects, hiked wildcat creek. Had campfire skits,songs and devotions and mostly had a blast! From left to right, David, Daniel, Nathaniel, Bobby, Erik, Martin and my co counselor, Joe... and me.
I'm praying these boys will continue to grow in their faith and trust in Jesus. Here's Erik and Daniel hiking up Wildcat Creek, our most favorite thing to do at camp.


Polly Jones said...

What a lovely still life, the composition is beautiful!s

silvina said...

Welcome back! This is a sweet still life. How wonderful to paint to live music and someone's soothing voice.
It's nice to get to see a picture of you. How about one that's in focus next time. ; D
I'm missing Mike Bailey. Are you?

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Polly! Thanks! I love the colors you use. Your paintings are great.

Robin Weiss said...

Hey Silvi, thanks for the welcome and the sweet comment. Its good to be back!

Ya I handed my camera off to take a picture of me and the boys so I could send them each a shot of our cabin and this is what came out.

I'm missin Mike too, no new posts.Think I'll shoot him an email. Speaking off shooting, you should shoot the guy who is working on fixing your comment link :(

silvina said...

I think the next time I walk into a Mac store, I'll throw my computer at one of the 'geniuses'.

Elio said...

Welcome back Robin! Glad to see you painting again.

Have you considered using blogger?
It is free and I am sure with a little work you can transfer everything over to them.

Mike said...

Hey Robin . .

Glad to see I have been missed.

Moreover . . .on your side . . .what could be better than making a difference in someone else's life? Way to go, Bud!!

As for Slivi and comments . . .I agree with Elio . . .in fact, I suggested same to her in an email a month ago.


silvina said...

Wow, I guess the party's over here at Robin's!

Elio, before I created my blog with iweb I tried making it on blogger, but I couldn't figure out how to upload my pictures. It's embarrassing to admit because it seems everyone and his mother knows how.

Mike, you guys are ganging up on me! ; ]

Elio said...


We are not ganging up on you. We just want to move the party over to your place.

silvina said...

Oh my goodness! Then I better clean my place up!

Robin Weiss said...

Hey guys party down! Actually I think the trouble is the Mac. Everyone I know that has a Mac has these kinds of problems with blogger and other applications. They seem to be great for other work like photoshop, etc....... Ah well, keep workin on it Silvi we want to come to your house!