Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rose Hip

I did this little 3x5 study on Sat. Something about rosehips that I really like. Their form and color,the thorny stems... Just an excellent fruit to paint.. Are they fruit?.. I munch on them sometimes because they are high in vitamin C but the taste and texture is like partical board.
oil on masonite, $75.00 Sold


Mike said...

Ah yes! Line and shape! Nice movement and placement in the frame, Robin. This is a fascinating image. You should do more like this . . . it is different and enticing. It is what I call "beyond the obvious." Suggestion: don't date your paintings. reason: no one wants to buy old work.

Anonymous said...

I was eating some particle board the other day. I was thinking "Gee, this tastes a lot like rose hips!".

This painting has a very Asian feel. I like the red against the pale blue. Very nice.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Mike! I'd like all my paintings to be "beyond the obvious" or perhaps "the obvious seen uniquely".... I think your better at it than me.

I don't know why I got in the habit of dating my paintings. In the back of my mind I'm thinking ,in a hundred years someone may want to know what period this was done. But that is rather presumptous.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Silvi!....suggestion, switch to rose hips. Same tantalizing palate, better for you.

Mike said...

Yup! Had a second look and I still think this one is a winner.

As for you, Silvi, Doesn't particle board affect your complexion? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh! no wonder I'm getting wrinkles! I'm switching to rose hips for sure.

J Matt Miller said...

Excellent paintings, Robin. Delighted to know you are a fellow Christian. We need to have a paint out sometime.

Robin Weiss said...

J.M.M., Hey man good to know your out there. Thanks for checkin in.

I've been keeping track of your blog for some time. Your work is great!

Ya, lets get togeather and paint. I would love it! Seems to be alot of Christian artists out here doing excellent work. RW