Thursday, August 30, 2007

Field Study in Oil

Trying to get to the essence of my subject here, one hand holding the brush the other tearing my hair out.

8x8 oil on panel $125.00


Elio said...

You always have such nice greens?

May I ask whats on the palette?

Robin Weiss said...

Elio, I use alot of colors. This will make you laugh but heres my current palette with black and white.....naples yellow hue
naples yellow
cad yel light
hansa yel
yellow ocher
burnt siena
van dyke brown
sap green
oxide green
permenant green light
cerulean blue
thalo blue
paynes gray
diox purple
quin rose
cad red light
alizarin, I think I could cut this down a bit now that I look at it.

Robin Weiss said...

I think I can sleep now

Robin Weiss said...

some people count sheep...I count colors

Elio said...
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Elio said...


You are in Seattle so that means you are using Daniel Smith?

Are you happy with them? Their prices are great! Have you ever checked their lighfastness?

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin, I like the perspective on this one.

Nel said...

This is stunning. I want to have painted it! Nel

Robin Weiss said...

Elio. I do use Daniel Smith, also I have Da Vinci.

I have never tested the lightfastness of these paints but would be interested to know

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Silvi! I was doing pretty good on your blog and then it locked up on me, but then my server is having trouble this week too.

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Nel

Thank you and thanks for checkin in

Elio said...

I attempted to send Robin an email today only to receive this lovely auto-reply.

"To control spam, I now allow incoming messages only from senders I have approved beforehand."

I am hurt beyond words. I can only say I haven't painted since.

Robin Weiss said...

I never meant to hurt you bro. I'll have a talk with mr. spamblocker