Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Daily Coffee Bar

I've been stopping at this coffee stand for like 15 years . Its got a convenient spot to pull up your big truck. This is the view if you were sitting in the cab. Then you can hop out grab a cheesey dog for breakfast pack it with lots of relish,ketchup and mustard so you get all the food groups that make up a healthy meal .Oh ya throw in a Dr Pepper and a Snickers . Then cruise in for the daily fix at the daily coffee bar...mmmm thats livin! 8x10 oil on panel $125.oo sold
Meet Jolynn, along with her business partner Satara they own the Daily Coffee Bar. I love her smile! Hey JoJo!


Elio said...

cheesey dog for breakfast...

Those words should never go together...:)

I like how this painting makes you feels like your traveling and stopped of for a bite to eat.

Nice colors too.

Robin Weiss said...

Hey thanks Elio!

Somebody figured out how to make a hotdog with cheese rolled up in it. Quite a flavor sensation!

I was really drawn to the red white and blue color comp in this image.

Anonymous said...

Really good painting. I especially like the texture of the ground in the parking lot.

Now about your eating habits... alarming. Everybody knows condiments don't make up the basic food groups! I bet even the cute girl at the coffee shop knows better.

Robin Weiss said...

So I've expanded the food groups a little , I'm no Graham Kerr. Jolynn adds the fifth and most important......caffine!

I'm anxiously awaiting your next painting Silvi

Anonymous said...

I do agree that caffeine should be included in the necessary food groups.

I'm working on beginning a new painting. And creating a new blog. Both projects require much focus. I'm not sure which to begin first!

I think you gave me whatever bug you were suffering from last week. It came right through you computer to mine. ; (
Spent all day yesterday in bed.