Sunday, August 19, 2007

No Cigar

You know the saying "Nice try no cigar" Thing is I got these lily's blooming late in my garden. They have to be painted but how? Tons of artists from O'Keeffe on down have painted these flowers in every conceivable composition. This is the best I could come up with. I've considered scraping ,splattering, flipping(as in my Frisbee pile), bottom line, I'm just not done with this painting . Something has to be done. I'll figure it out........stay tuned.
The only one enjoying this was Rosie...... Gimme a cats life.
The opening of the Washington Academy of Music show was alot of fun. not a huge turnout but I sold a painting and had a good time jamming with Derek from Artists Edge. These guys are jazz musicians playing for the show.


Elio said...


Is your issue with the composition or the painting?


Robin Weiss said...

Elio, I am satisified with the vase but I don't like anything around it. the composition seems unbalanced and lacking something to unify the overall piece. The flower seems forced onto the canvas and over worked. The drapery is dull, I guess I am disapointed because I can't do justus to this remarkable flower.

Anonymous said...

I think the painted lily is beautiful!
Your set up has a dreamy, diaphanous quality. I think it's all the white and reflected day light. It's a challenge to capture that resplendant light.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Sil! The light, it is a challenge and it may be the problem here looking at it again. a direct light source. I'm also considering another blossom at the base of the vase.

Sandy said...

YOu know what, I love it! Maybe you are being overly critical on this piece...but I sure like it.


Robin Weiss said...

Hi Sandy, thanks. I'm my own worst critic. I feel better about the painting now but think I will work on it some more.

Hey there are some really cool and interesting links on your blog!