Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Kyle at Work" J Kyle Gregory, portrait, oil painting

A few weekends ago Leigh and Jim had an amazing dinner at the studio for jazz musician Kyle Gregory. I was very grateful to be invited! I love jazz, and this was the best I have ever been privileged to experience first hand....It was one of those spontaneous gatherings of like minded musicians. Joining Kyle was Terry on drums , his wife Tracy on bass and Kevin on electric guitar...

I really enjoyed meeting Kyle.........Please take a moment to visit his myspace site and give a listen to Kyles hauntingly beautiful interpretation of the Beatitudes , featured on his latest CD, "World Downside Up".

6x6 oil on panel

It was fun to watch Tracy with her little boy in a backpack just jammin to the music!!....I think that kid is going to be a great musician!!

And dinner was great too!!.....Thanks Leigh!!


Vikki North said...

Hi Robin. Nice work. Jazz musicians are a such special type of artist.
I actually got to do a commissioned portrait of "Moody' from the famed 'Moody Blues' a few years back. I actually did it in a very impressionistic style much like yours.

Anonymous said...

As per always your work is excellent. I may have to start a facebook fan page. : )

Diane Hoeptner said...

Ha, I meant to comment on this yesterday, I had the page open and it just didn't happen! (getting absent minded in my old age) Robin, you are SO talented. I LOVE seeing a photo from that night with the painting, it is very revealing. You put so much INTO this painting: a wonderful likeness and the movement and monotone(ish) palette all are wonderful. Great post!

Robin Weiss said...

Vikki, Thank you so much!..Kyle is an incredible trumpet player and a heck of a nice guy too.

Wow! I bet that was a fun commission...I would like to see that portrait!

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Amanda! I am a fan of yours as well!...Thank you!

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Diane! I feel your pain(in the absent minded department)!

That was an amazing night! The music really touched my heart and I think that came out in the painting.