Monday, September 10, 2012

"Dungeness Estuary" plein air , oil , landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Dungeness Estuary" 8x12 oil on panel    sold

This was the last painting done on the trip. I don't feel like any masterpieces were achieved but that is not the purpose of plein air painting ....Of course it is great if you nail one, but my intention is to see and experience the location, do color studies, sketches and take reference photos for the winter months when I can't get out to these amazing areas. This winter I will have lots of material for the studio!

Knowles Studio in Winter

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Lavon said...

burrrrr...hope it is warm inside that studio!

I like your low tide painting. the hint of civilization on the horizon, the mud in the nearby....of course it is all very nostalgic for me. so I am doing deep sighs as I gaze at your paintings. thank you, darling man! I was thinking last night that you have the perfect life. A wonderful wife who supports your artist side, fine friends to go plein air, a lovely studio with more fine friends, and the most beautiful part of the country to paint. you are truely blessed, my friend.