Friday, September 14, 2012

"The White River" from Silver Springs, Mount Rainier National Park, plein air, oil landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"The White River"  8x10 oil on canvas sold
This is the weather us North Westers wait all year for!  Through the dreary spring rains that seem to last all the way through June most years ....then the cold summer....till finally ...we get to September and it turns glorious! Ann and I got away for a couple days to climb up to Grand Park which has spectacular views of MT. Rainier. We camped the first night at a little camp ground off highway 410 called Silver Springs.
Camp ground at silver Springs

We left the day after Labor Day weekend and the camp grounds were wide open.....had our pick of the place and found a good spot right on the river . I have turned the van that Anns folks gave us into the paint-camper mobile..and it works great!

The White River from Huckelberry Creek bridge

This is just the start of the great views we will see on our way up to Grand Park......stay tuned!...=]

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Lavon said...

Deelightful!! I used to camp here when I was a kid with my folks. And I can tell you that water is really cold! My brother and I could not stay out of it. Your paintihg is very pretty. love your greenery. I think it would pop more if you added a splash of white or something for a little rapids in the water. Just a suggestion......