Saturday, September 08, 2012

"The Hunt Club" plein air, oil , landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"The Hunt Club"  6x10 oil on panel

Set up for "Hunt Club"
The salt water marsh area next to the Three Crabs restaurant is managed by a group of environmentally minded water fowl hunters. This group owns the property surrounding the mouth of the Dungeness river. There is a full time care taker and the property is watched and maintained. I received permission  to paint on the property ( Thanks again Matt!) and set up to paint the club house across the marsh.

There was a huge stump standing up above the tall marsh grass. Taking a closer look I saw that the face of it was large enough to set my PA easel on!  ....So I set up to paint across the marsh from a higher vantage point...=]

The masses of water fowl, geese and ducks along with many other species of marsh birds give testament to how well this resource is looked after.


Lavon said...

Love your Huntclub painting. The lavenders are wonderful. The mountains floating in the back are the crowning glory. great story, too. Hope you don't mind if I take a shot at painting your heron photo?

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Lavon! Go for it!!..=]

Lavon said...

Thanks. the colors in the poto ar wonderful. I finished a painting of another photo you took. It is on my cerro-maestas facebook page.