Friday, December 28, 2012

"Coffee Pot with Persimmons" still life oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Coffee Pot with Persimmons"  8x8 oil on panel by Robin Weiss  $330
The weather doesn't always cooperate for plein air here in the Pacific Northwest. We have had a LOT of rain so far this year!  I decided to keep Alison indoors for our second lesson and set up a still life. We talked a bit more about color mixing and then I did this demo using my favorite prop..(the old camp coffee pot) and some persimmons I picked up at Central Market. After that Alison gave it a go and you will be amazed at her rendition! Check it out on her blog post HERE.

Here Alison is working on the composition and under-painting. The red tone she is using will show through in some areas and compliment the greens as she finishes the final painting.

Mikes Coffee Pot

This is a value study done by another student, Mike Pickard using the coffee pot. The dramatic value changes in the reflections of the shiny metal and the familiar form make this subject perfect for demonstrating painting techniques.

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Steven said...

Wish I lived in the pacific northwest! Your one-on-one training style seems like a fantastic opportunity!