Monday, December 03, 2012

"Fall Rain" Seattle city oil painting by Robin Weiss"

"Fall Rain" 8x10 oil on panel SOLD
 They say that we receive most of our rain in November here in the Pacific Northwest and that is proving true this year! Water everywhere!  For me it just adds to the beauty and drama of our spectacular area. What is it about umbrellas that add such a point of interest to a painting?

I have been holed up in the studio the last couple weeks working on a large painting of.....You guessed it!...Rainy Seattle with umbrellas!  I'll post the finished painting in my next post....=]

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Lavon said... that new painting in your video!!!! Fall Rain is lovely, but that intrance in the rain into the market..OMG...You better be asking a LOT for that because I think you will get it! Just fabulous, Rob, really! I got goosebumps!