Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Earth and Sky" plein air landscape demo painting by Robin Weiss

"Earth and Sky, low horizon" 8x8 oil on panel by Robin Weiss  SOLD
Yikes!  The end of the year is getting close and I have a lot of paintings to post before I publish my "end of the year blog book"!...
 Occasionally I take on students and prefer to teach one on one. This year I have had several. Usually they contact me or the Knowles Studio to find out if I am available to teach and then we set up an appointment. Allison Barry contacted me by email and we made arrangements for three sessions. Alison wanted to learn more about plein air painting. The first day after some initial color theory, we went out in Washington drizzle and painted the fields near the studio. I did two quick demos,  a low horizon  line and a high one.

"Earth and Sky high horizon" 6x8 oil on panel
Alison has been painting for awhile and can skillfully use brush and color to compose fine paintings.See her blog HERE.  My goal was to give her a bit more confidence to loosen up and render "first impression" studies outside, from life.

Alison Barry set up to paint "plein air"


Lavon said...

That looks like a fun lesson. Have you thought about putting together an Artbyte?
I checked out Alison's work and left her a note. her work is lovely! REALLY wish I could have been there, too. 8)

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Lavon! I'm too late for Artbytes..I don't think they will be adding any more =/

But maybe I will make my own sometime..So many ideas!..=]

and..thank you for commentng on Alisons blog! She is a great artist just starting out..

Lavon said...

Robin, you might double-check the Artbytes. I know Julie Ford Oliver is working on one. And I have seen new ones recently.