Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Silver Pitcher" still life oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Silver Pitcher" 8x8 oil on panel by Robin Weiss  $330
One of the other great things I did this year was join the Plein Air Washington Painters.  They have an ambitious schedule of paint-outs and shows coming up in 2013 that I am looking forward to participating in. I feel grateful and honored to be a part of this fun and talented group!  This still life painting was done during the Christmas get together and of course it featured painting!

"Emiliya Lane painting a Portrait" 8x8 oil on panel
I got there late and so many had already set up for the portrait painting, I couldn't get close enough to see the model! Instead I decided to paint the painters. This is Emiliya Lane painting the model with Silvia Carlton and Paula Ensign in the distant right.


Dianne said...

That's great, no opportunity lost! It's a great figure painting.

Alison Barry said...

Both of these are wonderful -- I agree with "no opportunity lost," the painting of painters is so lively and cool!

peteryesis said...

Looking forward to seeing more this year. Happy new year