Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Fishermans Restaurant" Seattle cityscape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Fishermans Restaurant"  8x10 oil on panel  Sold
Available at Alki Arts Gallery, Seattle

Eating crab at the Fishermans Restaurant

I had a blast painting this scene while waiting for the family to arrive. We were celebrating several birthdays by having lunch on a beautiful, sunny day in the city. The Fishermans Restaurant has a spacious deck out back, right under the new , giant Ferris Wheel .

I went back to this spot three weeks later and all the trees had been torn out and the street ripped up as workers dug a giant pit twelve stories deep to recover and repair the boring machine which was disabled while trying to build the tunnel to replace the aging viaduct.

The scene I painted will never look like that again.

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Lavon said...

oh my golly! love your painting of one of my fav landmark's on the waterfront (fav being Ivar's). The Fisherman's used to be full of things fascinating to a small girl. The mummified mermaid being one of many enthralling things. 12 stories? no way...surely the ocean would cave it in! It is right there!