Tuesday, December 09, 2014

"The Footbridge at Bloedel" plein air, oil. landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"The Foot Bridge at Bloedel"   10x10 oil on panel    Sold

The Bloedel Reserve is an amazing garden and grounds not far from us on Bainbridge Island. I have painted there quite a bit, in fact I have painted there so much they are now showing my paintings of the reserve at the gatehouse!

7x7 oil on panel available at the
Bloedel Reserve Gatehouse Gift Shop 
 I was invited to join my friend Darrell Anderson and some other painters at Bloedel the first time I painted the footbridge. We had a wonderful day in beautiful sunshine. We all set up around the Japenese Garden area.

Curious friends

The local gander even stopped by to check it out. These geese were so friendly they walked right by us as we were sitting on the path!

I liked the little painting so much that I decided to use it as my study for an upcoming show called "Natures Gift of Water" sponsored by Plein Air Washington Artists and exhibited at the American Art Co. in Tacoma WA. This show features plein air paintings and studio paintings derived from the studies.

"Bridge over Peaceful Water" 20x20 oil on canvas    $1100
Available at The American Art Co.
Since the requirement for the show was at least an 8x10 plein air study I had to go back and do another plein air (top one).  I then used that study to paint this larger studio painting.
 If you have never tried going larger with your PA studies you may not realize how difficult it is to get the same spontaneity and freshness of brushwork. It's tough!

It was an honor to meet and receive an award of honorable mention from awards juror Jeremy Lipking for my plein air study.

And then to top the evening off I sold the painting to fellow artist and collector Mami Shimomura.

Happy painter, collector and award

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Lavon said...

Fabulous, Robin. I think you did an excellent job of maintaining the look. I guess the young lady did also since she bought your piece. It sure is lovely. Now, do the geese! 8)