Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Quilute Marina" marine, landscape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Quilute Marina"   8x10 oil on panel       Sold
Our scouting trip also included a stop at the Quilute village in La Push. There is a great marina there where the native fishermen take their boats over the bar every morning. 

Jim painting the sea stacks

 I decided to paint the marina while Jim was painting the great sea stacks just outside the harbor. The fog softened the edges in the distance and lent a nice mood to the paintings. I added a second boat to my composition after coming back to the studio thinking it needed the balance. I guess that was a good move since the painting sold during the studio tour.

In La Push

Anne Dalton and me at the Quilute marina

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Lavon said...

I don't know which boat you added, but you did a seamless job. love the fog drifting into the scene. I was up at Sequi by myself early one morning outside of fishing season. I turned my back for a moment on the floating docks. When I turned back, I could barely see them for the sudden fog that came in. Love your piece, no wonder it sold quickly!