Friday, December 12, 2014

The El Malecon" Seattle, cityscape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

The El Malecon"  14x9 oil on panel   Sold
I scoped this spot out on my way to Alki Arts one afternoon and thought to myself it would make a great painting when the sun is just right. I came back early enough to set up before the sun was the way I wanted and grabbed a slice of pizza. FYI , right across from the El Malecon is a great little pizza joint with tables outside in the alley. That's where I set up my easel.

El Malecon 10x6 oil on panel
Plein air

This is the plein air study I did that sunny afternoon. The above painting is a larger studio painting with the figure of the walking girl added from photos taken on location.

I liked the design of the darks on each side connecting through the figure in shade and the shadow of the hanging plant. Also one figure shaded and one in sun makes a nice offset balance to the whole....Anyhow that's what I was thinking...

I'm really starting to love painting in the city!

FYI  Malecon means Seahorse in Spanish   =]  The food there is good too!

The plein air painting is available at Alki Arts located at First and Seneca, downtown Seattle!  Call Diane and she will ship it right out to you!

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Lavon said...

I see the studio version is already sold. way to go! the lines in the shadows really make it. and the hanging plant.