Monday, May 25, 2020

"Point no Point Headland" plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss


While we are on the subject of Point no Point and the amazing place it is to visit and paint....I will post a few more recent works done on location.

Maury painting the lighthouse

 A few weeks after painting there on my own, I talked my son, Maury into coming out with me and I painted this study. It was an overcast day so while there were no cast shadows the light itself remained pretty constant.  Those conditions can work well for creating dramatic atmosphere in a painting and has the added benefit of not having to chase the light. In other words, on a sunny day the shadows change as the sun moves across the sky. This can be difficult to keep up with depending on the season. In that case it is very helpful to begin with a thumbnail sketch to set down the shadow shapes before you begin. I often do, a quick under-painting to establish design and shadow shapes.

Maury set up to paint the scene of the lighthouse I painted a few weeks earlier. He did a great job! You can see more of Maurys work on his blog HERE

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