Wednesday, May 20, 2020

"Seabeck View" plein air, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Seabeck View" 9x12 oil on panel  SOLD

Searching for painting spots where I could set up without hiking to far,  or encountering many people, I remembered a place I used to pull over when I was driving for a fuel delivery company based in Bremerton, WA.  Seabeck was my route for awhile and has many nice views. this one is right off the road as you cross the Big Beef River Estuary. There is plenty of room to park your car and set up an easel.

Big Beef Estuary  6x6 oil  $500

The Big Beef River empties into the Puget Sound here providing habitat for many species of seabirds and marine wildlife.  Across the water is the Olympic Peninsula, home of the majestic Olympic Mountains.

Before setting up I drove a mile or two into the Seabeck marina and filled my thermos at Turies Seabeck Espresso. There is also a great pizza place and the Seabeck General Store is everything you would expect from a small seaside, eclectic and homey little family store.

Coming back to the spectacular roadside view of the Olympics, and fortified with good coffee, I quickly set up to capture the atmosphere of the sound and distant mountains. I didn't even have to move my easel to paint the view on the other side of the road .  This treasure of a plein air painting spot provided a whole day of painting and enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

This trip happened back in March before everything really locked down.  Lately I have been working a lot in the studio like many other artists. These paintings will be a part of a new showing at the Roby King gallery on Bainbridge Island in July.  Hopefully things will be opened up by then and we can actually have an opening with people there!  Check the Roby King website for updated news on this and many other gallery happenings. =]  Click on the link HERE

Stay Safe and Stay Creative!

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