Friday, June 26, 2020

Myrvang Wetland plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Myrvang Wetland"  9x12 oil on panel  SOLD  

I have been very encouraged by the efforts of organizations like Forterra and other land conservancy organizations in our area. In the last few years they have bought and set aside many acres of land in the county to preserve for future generations as natural forest and wetland.

I drive by this scene every day on my way to the Knowles Studio. It is so familiar to me that I have to admit on most days I don't even notice the beauty here. This day the buttercups were in full bloom and had transformed the usual into the magical. I had to stop and paint!  A few friends stopped to say hi and make sure I was not broke down on the road..  =]  I looked across the road and noticed a new sign posted.  Myrvang Wetlands Conservation Site!  So glad this land is protected! 

This painting will be part of "Impressions of Kitsap County"  Opening July 3rd   6-8pm at the Roby King Gallery in Winslow on Bainbridge Island and continuing through July.
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